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Our site will not be held responsible for any damages that you or your business may suffer.

Our commitment:

Our website is not responsible for any account suspension or photo deletion made by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other social media.

Services :

Our site is only used to enhance your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube account and it only helps to enhance your "appearance".

We do not guarantee that your new followers will interact with you, we simply guarantee that you will get the followers you pay for.

We do not offer a guarantee of non-deficiency, because simply no one can control the deficiency, social media networks are controlling this matter, so we offer a guarantee to compensate the deficiency if it occurs according to the required service and guarantee compensation for it.

We do not guarantee 100% of our accounts have a profile picture, integrated profile, and uploaded photos, although we strive to make all accounts true.

You will not download anything harmful to the site.

Including nudity or any material that is not acceptable or appropriate for the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube community.

Private accounts will not get followers and we will not be able to cancel the order! Please make sure your account is public before ordering.